Magnetic Hooks

magnetic hooks

Types of magnetic hooks

Magnetic Hooks are designed to hold objects without the necessity of nails or screws. Magnetic Hooks can be affixed to metal surfaces. The magnetic backing prevents them from slipping off the surface. These models are ideal for hanging lights, banners, as well as other heavy-duty items. These models are available in five colors, and can support up to 250 pounds. For more information on choosing the best magnetic hook for your needs, continue reading.

Rare earth magnets are the strongest form of magnetic hooks and are capable of supporting weights up to 110 pounds. They are made from steel cups, and are encased in a triple layer of nickel, copper and nickel to protect against corrosion and rust. They are extremely light and strong. You can pick from a range of sizes and colors to fit your requirements. You should select neodymium magnetics to get more strength in your hook.

Rare earth magnets are the strongest. This is the strongest kind of magnet that can support up to 110 lbs of weight. Contrary to other hooks that are magnetic they are extremely durable and come in a variety of powder coat colors. You can buy hooks in small medium, large, and small sizes, so you’ll choose the size that is best for your needs. They are usually low-profile and are easy to install.

These Magnetic can be found in wherever they have top of the line magnets for sale.

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